Treatment and Technique

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Though many manufacturers produce cavitation machines, the working principles and basic elements are the same. Most devices include several treatment modes, including cavitation, vacuum therapy, and radiofrequency.

For the purposes of this course, however, we will only focus on cavitation.

The ultrasonic cavitation procedure is a very straight forward one, however, proper technique is necessary in order to get the most desired effect. We will become familiar with the machine and explore how to conduct a treatment.


The Cavitation System

Key Switch
This is the switch that turns the machine on and off.

Emergency Stop
This button stops the treatment in the event of an emergency.

Cavitation Handle
The cavitation handle, when on, emits a strong sound wave of 40KHz. It is very safe and does not damage the skin.

Treatment Steps

  1. Thoroughly wash hands
  2. Put on 2 pairs of gloves
  3. Measure treatment area with tape measure
  4. Take photos of the treatment area (At minimum, a head-on view and side-view)
  5. Remove outer layer of gloves
  6. Cleanse treatment area with alcohol or antibacterial wipes
  7. Apply ultrasound gel to treatment area
  8. Turn on cavitation machine
  9. In a steady, circular motion, apply the cavitation head to the skin, working your way through the entirety of treatment area. Manipulate surrounding tissue to ensure the cavitation reaches adequate coverage.

Cavitation application